Revolution – season 1, episode 9: “Kashmir”

Having survived their dip in the Allegheny River, Charlie and her group are now at the West Chester Rebel Camp which is located just 20 miles outside of Philadelphia. Colonel

Starkey and Sergeant Wheatley have decided to take a rare chance on trusting that Miles Matheson is graciously willing to lead them to – and surrender General Sebastian Monroe over to rebel forces. They’ve agreed to send Sgt. Wheatley and a small team of rebel soldiers to help recover Danny in return for the rogue militia general.

Elsewhere inside the militia compound, Rachel has been hard at work with Aaron’s confiscated pendant; she’s trying to rig up a new device that she’s calling an amplifier which as she explains, will increase the pendant’s currently limited range of power. Meanwhile, our newly formed rebel group has been making their way through the Philadelphia Express Train tunnel, they’ve just barely escaped a hidden mine but the explosion has cut off their oxygen supply and now they’re experiencing hallucinations as they struggle to reach an exit for fresh air. Monroe had previously ordered most of the external exits to be blocked in an attempt to control tunnel traffic, but now this group is trapped as they discover that even the exits that Miles knew about have since been blocked as well. While teetering on the brink of asphyxiation they begin to realize there’s fresh air seeping in through a door up ahead, and Miles is able to muster up just enough strength to barge the door open. Suddenly Sgt. Wheatley draws his gun and takes control; he killed the rebel soldiers and barred the door. Now his 2 years of deep cover with the rebels is about to pay off as he’s fully prepared to single-handedly deliver Miles Matheson to General Monroe. Ahhh, but the problem with that idea is that, Wheatley doesn’t know Charlie, and she hasn’t come this far just to let a blocked door or a militia sergeant stand in the way of rescuing her brother, especially not when she’s finally this close and there are still so many more secrets to reveal!

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